Deng Xiongbo
Creative Director
Shenzhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design Co.,Ltd.

Xiongbo Deng, Founder and Creative Director of Lingyun Creativity, established the Shenzhen Lingyun Creativity Package Design Co., Ltd. (Lingyun Creativity for short) with his friends in 2015. During the inception phase, the company focused on creative packaging of Chinese white spirit products. In terms of the visual expression of most white spirit products on the market, we think that there is still a huge space for improvement and believe that as a unique alcoholic beverage, Chinese white spirit should be equipped with the same outstanding visual performance as other world-class liquor. With this idea, we started cooperation with many renowned domestic white spirit producers such as WULIANGYE, LUZHOU LAOJIAO, JNC, and JINLIUFU. Our design works were shown up at the Pentawards, Dieline Award, iF Award, Red Dot Design Award and other conferences.

In daily work, we tend to review our design from the perspective of consumers. We would not like to show our customers any design work that we do not have a desire to buy ourselves. In the recent years, Lingyun Creativity has carried out business cooperation in some new areas such as beverages, mineral water, dairy products, and health care products. In line with the consistent high standard, we aim to bring consumers more excellent product experience.