Adrián Fernández
Vice President and General Manager

Adrián joined X-Rite Pantone in 2015 to lead an initiative focused on addressing key color challenges in the packaging workflow. At the beginning of 2017, he was appointed General Manager of Pantone, the universal language of color for graphic arts, textiles, and products. In this dual role, Adrián leads global teams of experts that work closely with brand, design, pre-production and production clients to help them address their color needs and opportunities, covering inspiration, definition, communication, and control of color, with the right set of tools and consulting services.

Prior to joining X-Rite Pantone, Adrián spent 10 years in multiple global commercial and business development roles in Videojet Technologies, the global leader of coding and marking solutions on products and packaging.

Prior to Videojet, Adrián worked in Rubbermaid, the brand owner leader in the consumer durable goods space, for 11 years. After an initial role as Finance leader in Mexico, Adrián rose through the ranks of global product marketing to become VP/GM of the Rubbermaid Office business. In the latter roles, he was fully engaged in color decisions for product and packaging throughout the new product development process and commercialization through retail partners.