Walter D. Apodaca Jr.
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Gizmo Beverages, Inc., for Vessl Technology

Walter D. Apodaca Jr. is the Founder and CEO of Gizmo Beverages, Inc. (“GB”).  GB holds the worldwide exclusive rights to the globally patented Vessl— a pressurized closure and delivery device, that upon opening, automatically propels and instantly mixes its tank content into a base container, providing an exciting visual display and confirmation of product activation.

Mr. Apodaca has been involved in hundreds of innovative product marketing, supply chain, and packaging solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.  He started his career on the ground floor of the industry, with a job loading beverage trucks at night while in college. Mr. Apodaca has since led turnaround performance in R&D, supply chain, general management, as well as sales and marketing for several global industry leaders.  Prior to founding GB, Mr. Apodaca held the following positions: Vice President National Accounts, MillerCoors; Vice President & General Manager, Coors Brewing Company; Market Unit Vice President, Coca-Cola; and Division Supply Chain Vice President, Coca-Cola.

Since founding GB, Mr. Apodaca successfully commercialized Vessl on its proof of concept brand, ‘Tea of a Kind’.  Other applications include: Phyto2GO from Amway/Nutrilite, a reusable bottle solution sold in 32 countries worldwide; a customizable skin-care package set for global launch in early 2018; Kalvara— a medicinal drink sold in the United States of America; and an Eco-4pk of ‘Tea of a Kind’ employing a reusable bottle and Vessl refills.