Stepan Avanesyan
Partner & Brand Strategist
Backbone Branding

Stepan Avanesyan was born in Armenia in 1973 and was brought up in a family where he always experienced the richness of two cultures: Ukrainian and Armenian.  Being exposed to various cultures and having socially active lifestyle, Stepan has developed over the years a passion for creativity, entrepreneurship and human development. His academic background and studies in Entrepreneurship, Branding and Leadership has influenced on how he engaged in educational and business projects.

In the past 20 years he initiated and led many diverse projects and organizations. He has co-founded and led for 9 years the Center for Leadership Development in Yerevan, Armenia where more than 800 young people were trained in Leadership and Talent management.  

Another area where Stepan has gained his experience was business sector. He has founded number of businesses in the area of healthcare and personal hygiene products distribution, children sports entertainment center and was actively involved in promoting brands such as “SPLAT” oral care and “ESSENCE ULTRA” sanitary pads in the Armenian market. During his business career he worked for 7 years as a CEO for one of the biggest pharmaceutical distribution companies in Armenia.

From 2016, Stepan has joined Backbone Branding and played key role in creating various brands for the products and services from Food and Beverages Industry as well as conducted number of re-branding projects for companies from HoReCa and Retail sectors.