Li Ziming
Chief Designer
Three Squirrels

A post-90s designer, joined Three Squirrels in 2013, he is the company's chief designer now, working on visual design and packaging design for the brand of Three Squirrel.

As the special guest of 2016 "Alibaba UCAN2016 User Experience Conference", Li said in the meeting:"Good design should have temperature affection, revealing warmth and goodwill. We hope to understand the user's psychology and behavior from the perspective of caring and comforting our masters, and make a close ring of the whole experience to create a thoughtful and warm design.

Li is one of the ten authors of ZCOOL's new book, , which was launched in 2017.He analyzes the design link and methodology of the e-commerce through the actual case of Three Squirrels, and proposes that "Only do useful design and provide value to business through design" in this book.

In recent years, Li's main research direction is product development, packaging design, and printing process. Through standardizing the color management of products packaging before printing, Three Squirrels adopt more advanced technology and systematic process to ensure the quality of packaging printing to enhance brand value.