Willy Yang
Vice President

Willy Yang, Vice President of 360  

Graduated from Shanghai Fudan University MBA. Currently, he is the vice president of 360 Group, responsible for all 360 commercial related products’ research and development.

He has served as president of Allyes AdNetwork, Chairman and CEO of MediaV Company, Chairman and CEO of Juxiao Advertising Co. Ltd.. Mr. Yang has also been invited to judge at the Goldenmouse Awards, ECI Awards, .hooxiao Awards, iResearch Awards, the Golden Net Awards and other influential awards.

In 2017, Mr. Yang became the Vice President of 360 Group and put forward the innovative marketing concept of "scenario thinking". He also proposed "Mobile Internet Thinking Instead of Mobile Internet Device" regarding the "mobile" trend in the marketing industry, having a widespread impact throughout the industry. As a special guest, he attended the ROI Festival, GDMS and other internationally renowned summits. In the academic field, Mr. Yang is hired as visiting professor in Communication University of China.

In 2016, Mr. Yang joined 360, responsible for the research and development of all commercial related 360 products.

In 2012, Mr. Yang created a synergistic advertising platform which later become the leading precision advertising platform in China, providing effect-oriented and accurate marketing services to more than 40,000 advertisers.

In 2009, he founded MediaV Company as chairman and CEO. After three rounds of fundraising, it has grown into a leading professional digital advertising technology and service organization in China.

In 2000, Mr. Yang joined Allyes AdNetwork as the president.