Qiu Weinong
Vice President and Brand Marketing Center General Manager
Junlebao Dairy Group

Since its inception, Jun Lebao dairy group has gone through 22 years, moving from producing in three small flat houses and transporting by a human tricycle to landing its milk powder products in Hong kong, selling in Macao, and joining the national brand plan. Its annual turnover has exceeded 10 billion yuan. On January 24th this year, President Xi Jinping visited Qizhi Dairy invested and developed by Jun Lebao. Such strong support it has enjoyed from the government would not be possible without its devotion in brand building.

The vice president and general manager of brand marketing center of Jun Lebao dairy group, Chiu Wei Nong, coming from Taiwan of China, has almost 30 years of advertising and brand marketing experience. Having been served as CCO in GREY, Dentsu, FCB advertising company and so on, and executive director of BU in Japanese Oriental sea day (DENTSU), Mr. Chiu directed the market planning of Kangshifu, Mengniu Dairy, Huarun Snow Beer, Beijing Weiquan foods, TOYOTA automobile etc. Meanwhile, he has won 6 times advertising awards, 5 times 4A advertising awards and Asia Pacific Advertising Awards.

In 2013, Mr. Chiu was invited to join in the Jun Lebao dairy group, served as the president of brand marketing center and the marketing director of the milk powder BU. In 2016, Mr. Chiu was promoted to vice president and general manager of brand marketing center of Jun Lebao dairy group. Under the guidance of Mr. Chiu, Jun Lebao brand marketing center has won the marketing awards several times, and the influence of Jun Lebao brand has been promoted rapidly. In addition, Jun Lebao has successfully been selected the CCTV national brand plan for two consecutive years and won the CCTV national brand plan TOP brand in 2018.