Murphy Zhuang
Founder & CEO

WM Digital -founder and CEO; Letinvr co-founder ;Air 360 China co-founder;

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Nielsen, Eli Consulting, Kesheng Consulting,

Intersight+ and other domestic and foreign think tank & consulting company VR/AR consultant;

China first IEEE VR content standard forum member, China virtual reality Industry Alliance director, the eiffy award grand China rater;

Intel China area virtual reality industry promotion ambassador, Dell China virtual reality industry endorsement;

The annual innovator of The new generation power list, the China VR industry annual figure, the Chinese virtual reality industry leader, the Asian new media festival best VR prize; and other awards.

First proposed the theory which VR/AR to create new scene hormone impulsive consumption and application of multiple brands, to create the world's first Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform, built the first domestic combine E-Commerce with virtual reality experience, dozens of the world's top five hundred companies to build its first VR/AR marketing campagin, the marketing data of the trading project has led the whole industry up to now.

Long term cooperation with P&G, Unilever, LG, Merck, Taobao, Jingdong, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, BMW, CCTV, Intel, HUAWEI, millet and other World's Top Five Hundred Companies.