Wu Guobin
General Manager Product Research Division

Mr Guobin Wu committed to China's freeze-dried industry for 15 years, who has experienced the period for exporting FD fruits and vegetable as food ingredients, then to the transformation and upgrading of FD products.

With the improvement of domestic living standards, we will focus on the deep processing of food products with freeze-drying technology, and to provide the market with a truly safe and healthy products.

Mr Wu developed FD Yogurt Melts and FD Lemon with honey, improved the taste of FD strawberries Crispy, used freeze-drying technology to research and develop in the production of oil free egg crisp, attended to development and application of freeze-dried enzyme activity, studied research of FD products rehydration. Industrial upgrading application of freeze-drying technology will be more and more widely, the domestic market will go to be a health industrialization.