Fan Xianguo
Board Chairman
Jinmailang Mianpin Co.,Ltd

Fan Xianguo is the Chairman of Jinmailang(JML) Mianpin Co.,Ltd. and a member of National People's Congress. As the head of the largest instant noodle production enterprise in the domestic, he always highly attaches great importance to innovation and benefiting customers.

In the past four years, Chairman Fan Xianguo developed JML into a decisive brand in China’s instant noodles industry and a leading enterprises with an asset of ten billions Yuan. Its business covers instant noodles, staple food, beverage and other industries, and the company has created tens of thousands of jobs. Always believing that good wheat makes good noodles, he also pays attentions to the development of good-quality wheat industry, and has held the China’s Good-quality Wheat Industry Development Forum for two consecutive years. He is concerned with the health quality and food education and has proposed the suggestions related to food education as a NPC member for three consecutive years.

An enterprise is presented by its products. Led by the Chairman Fan Xianguo, JML has been on the way to innovation. The  Elastic Noodle,the Hot Pot Beef Noodle and A Bowl and A Half produced by the company have become the star products in the industry. A Fried Dish A Noodle launched in 2015 has been called subversive product in the industry, and also has been called the Black Technology by Internet users. Reviewers believe that this is the pioneer of the 3.0 products in the industry and created a new era of instant noodle industry with FD technology. Fan Xianguo always believes that the future China is the centralized birth places of world’s super enterprises, super brands and super platforms. The future of food industry are mainly convenience food, snack food and functional food. The convenience food will continue to march forward, but products must keep the pace of consumer awareness and consumption upgrading.