Robin Fegen
The Robin Collective

Robin studied Human Science at University College London before working for ‘architectural foodsmiths’ Bompas & Parr, with whom he created the world’s first ‘walk in’ cocktail – (a giant room filled with vaporized alcohol).

He then formed The Robin Collective 5 years ago with product designer Brandy Wright. Since then they created an indoor picnic café, a giant beehive that people could crawl inside (complete with real bees and honey), cocktail bitters made from the essence of famous Britons from the past, a 10 course tasting menu for astronauts, the world’s first colour changing cocktail, Pepsi rain and most recently a 2.5m high gravy fountain.

Their clients include: Air France, Birds Eye, The Brit Awards, British American Tobacco, The British Science Association, Courvoisier, Google, Holiday Inn, ITV, KFC, Mini, Patron, Pepsi, Ping Pong, Pinkberry, Universal Pictures and Wrigleys.

Robin also writes for television and co-created the hit childrens’ cookery show Annabel’s Kitchen with celebrity chef Annabel Karmel.