Andrew Gibb
Managing Director

Andrew Gibb, Founder - Coldpress Foods Limited (www.cold-press.com)

Andrew Gibb is the Founder and Managing Director of Coldpress®, the UK’s first and leading cold pressed / HPP (High Pressure Processing) juice brand, launched in 2011. Cold pressed juices are the fastest growing segment of juice markets in the UK, Europe and the US because cold pressed juices deliver a fresher taste and more nutrition per serve than conventional pasteurised juices, as no heat is used in the production process.

Andrew is a global pioneer in HPP juices, prior to Coldpress in 2008 he founded Preshafruit® juices in Australia, one of world’s very first HPP / cold pressed juice brands. In 2009 Preshafruit® was voted best new juice and beverage concept at World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany.

Since launch in 2011 Coldpress® have won numerous awards and have dominated HPP juice innovation in the UK / European juice market including:

2011 – UK’s first HPP juices, Foodbev.com Best Innovator Award

2012 – UK’s first take home HPP juice range, The Grocery Magazine Best New Adult Drink Winner

2013/4 – UK’s first HPP fruit smoothies – The Grocer Magazine New Product Awards Highly Commended

2015 -First take home HPP fruit and vegetable juices, first private label HPP juices for Tesco

2016 – First dairy free, fruit and nut milk HPP beverages, LSA Magazine France, Best International FMCG award

2017 – World’s first HPP fruit and sparkling water beverage (healthy soft drink) and cold pressed fruit and coconut water

Concerns about the (naturally occurring) sugar contained in fruit juices have had a major negative impact on the juice sector in Europe. Coldpress has relished this tougher environment as it has enabled us to focus our product development on lower sugar, more nutritiously dense products and new need states for cold pressed beverages such as hydration (coconut and sparkling fruit waters) and dairy free (fruit and nut milks).

Coldpress® is stocked in over 3,500 outlets in the UK and we export to 14 countries, our goal is to be the world’s first global HPP brand and the most efficient HPP juice producer in the world. We are on a mission to democratise juices, to ensure the taste and nutritional benefits of cold pressed juices are available to all juice and beverage consumers.