Christophe Pradere
CEO & Founder
BETC Design&BETC Asia

CEO & Founder BETC Design - A multi-cultural designer

After studying international marketing in Paris, Berkeley andTokyo and completing a design degree of interior and product Design at theDomus Academy in Milan, Christophe continued his globetrotting life by movingto Asia to begin his professional career as a Brand Design Manager.

At the end of 2000 in Paris, Christophe founded a global designentity on the in innovative industries market that he created BETC Design.Today, Christophe develops his brand experience through a holistic approachthat combines the social sciences and a global creative strategy. By drawing onall the different specialisms of the design industry, he focus his reflectionthrough the brand Rituals (products/services/places).

Christophe also lectures at the Parsons School for Design, IMFand the ‘Arts Deco’ and carries out numerous assignments abroad.