Yan Weibin
Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.

Mr. Yan is the Chairman of the Board of Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd, he is responsible for leading the Board and making sure it works effectively and discharges its responsibilities. Mr. Yan is also primarily responsible for the overall corporate strategy, planning and business development of the Ausnutria Group.  Mr. Yan graduated from Hunan University with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering and MBA.  In 2017, because of his excellent strategic planning and leadership,Mr. Yan won the high-profile “2017 Annual Attention Person of China Business Journal”, “Outstanding Entrepreneur of National Food Safety Innovative Management”, Mayor Quality Award (Individual) of Changsha City, “Annual Person of China Baby and Maternal Enterprise” of 2017 CBME AWARDS Ceremony, “Annual Pioneer” of Southern Weekend TOGETHER2017Annual Ceremony. In addition, Mr. Yan was elected as a member of the 12th Hunan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on January 2018 and was awarded the title of “2017 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Hunan Province”.

Mr. Yan co-founded Ausnutria Dairy with other partners at the end of 2003 and held the post of chairman of the board. In 2009, Mr. Yan led the  listing of Ausnutria Dairy on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and acquired Hyproca Dairy Group in 2011, which is a dairy enterprise with more than one hundred years’ history.  Ausnutria Dairy is now on the path of international development by a series of operations such as international cooperation, overseas listing, overseas acquisitions and overseas market expansion. Under the leadership of Mr. Yan, Ausnutria Dairy won the "2017 Top 20 Management Innovations Cases" in the 15th China Food Safety Annual Meeting in 2017, and the "2017 China Food Safety Annual Integrity Demonstration Unit", "2017 Outstanding Brand Image Award" in 6th China Financial Summit and other awards.