Edward Y.M Zhu
CEO; Co-founder CHIC Group;
CHIC Group;Holland Center

Mr. Edward YanMing Zhu, founder and CEO of CHIC Group, has more than 20 years' business experience as an entrepreneur, manager, leader, financier, investor, supply chain management expert and manufacturer.

Edward’s strategic vision has led his international team to drive excellence across diverse industries, including food, agriculture and medical equipment sectors, and chic group also partnered with UNESCO in the Biosphere Integrated Rural Urbanization investment and development program. Under Edward’s leadership, the Group has evolved from a start-up, to a conglomerate with over 10,000 employees, 35 global subsidiaries and a leading position as China's premier citrus fruit exporter.

Edward is also an Honored Executive MBA graduate of CEIBS and a guest lecturer at CEIBS in Shanghai. In 2012, Edward was elected as the First Chairman of CEIBS' Agri-business Alumni Association.