Cai Hongliang
Founder & President

Cai Hongliang is the founder, chairman, Chief Product Officer, CBO and Chief Equipment officer of ZIHAIGUO. He is a representative of Chinese serial entrepreneurs for successively founding two famous Internet-food companies - the Internet snacks giant Be&Cheery and the leading brand of convenient and fast food industry ZIHAIGUO. He is also a member of Alibaba think tank, senior expert of chain-like alliance management, food supply chain expert, Internal Auditor of ISO9000/14000/22000, Black Belts of Six Sigma Management. Under his leadership, ZIHAIGUO has achieved the purpose of creating one-person dining standard, but is more committed to realizing full-catering standardization. ZIHAIGUO focuses on deep cultivation of product force, brand force and channel force. ZIHAIGUO was awarded with the title of "New Domestic Products Quickly Reaching 100 Million" for its sales volume that exceeded 100 million yuan in the three quarters and achieved an annual sales growth rate of 500% in the following year. ZIHAIGUO is taking the lead in the development of convenient food in a new era.