Xianguo Fan
Jinmailang Foods

Xianguo Fan, born in 1960, is a non-partisan, senior economist and chairman and president of Jinmailang Noodles Co. He was elected as a deputy to the 10th National People's Congress in 2003 and a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress in 2013.

He is also a visiting professor at Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Nankai University, Hebei University of Technology, and Wuhan Institute of Technology. He is the vice-chairman of the Hebei Food Industry Association, the vice-chairman of the Hebei Grain Association, and the director of the China Grain Industry Association.

As an outstanding representative of China's private entrepreneurs and the head of the largest local convenience food company, Xianguo Fan has always attached great importance to innovation and the concept of "benefiting consumers". 25 years later, Chairman Xianguo Fan has nurtured Jinmailang into a pivotal brand in China's instant noodle industry, a leading 10 billion dollar enterprise with industries spanning convenience food, staple food, and beverage industries. The company has been awarded the "2019 China Brand Power 100 Brand" and "40 Brands in 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up", and has created tens of thousands of jobs for the society, generated huge tax revenue for the country, and boosted the local It has also stimulated the rapid development of related industries such as high-quality wheat cultivation, flour processing, packaging, and color printing, transportation and catering services, becoming a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and an important pillar of regional economic development. It has made outstanding contributions to the construction of new socialist countryside and the solution of the "three rural areas". He has been awarded "Model of Reform in Hebei Province", "Top Ten Outstanding Young Private Entrepreneurs in Hebei Province", "Top 100 Chinese Businessmen in the World", "Outstanding Entrepreneur in China Outstanding Entrepreneur in Food Industry" and "The Fourth National Township Entrepreneur".