Nestlé x Pearlfisher: How to Realize Your Design? | MA Webinar

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Good conception is only the first step for packaging design. If you only consider what you want but ignore what you can do at the beginning, the following steps can be extremely painful: the material you plan to use may not be suitable; the total manufacture cost easily goes beyond the budget; the printing color or effect does not resemble what it is like on the computer screen...and the final result may not meet your expectation.

Nowadays, brands are pursuing bolder ideas for packaging design to stand out, accompanied with ever greater concerns that these ideas can't be realised with their existing capacity.

How to identify the key risky factors at the early stage of the project so we are able to stop before going too far? For projects that may need collaboration between the in-house team and the design agency, what kind of communication is necessary for the final realisation?

On December 17, 2020, 20:00-21:00 (GMT+8), Marking Awards invite two of our new juries - Bruno Singulani from Global Brand Identity and Design.Food SBU,Nestlé, and Jen Newell, Head of Realisation at Pearlfisher. to join our webinar, talking about the challenges and key factors in the realisation process and how they overcame the challenges in real cases. Scan the QR code on the poster through WeChat, or see how to join below.


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Topic & Panelists

[Topic] Designer's Talk: How to Realize Your Design?

Language: English

Form: Webinar

Time: 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT+8) December 17, 2020

Key Points:

1. What's Realisation of Design about?

2. What are the possible challenges in the process of realizing a design idea? What may be the key to these challenges?

3. What kind of communication is necessary for the successful realization of a project if the collaboration between the in-house team and a design agency is needed?




Bruno Singulani

Global Brand Identity and Design. Food SBU, Nestlé

Bruno is a Brazilian designer and currently the creative leader for all Global Food Brands at Nestlé. Having graduated as a product designer, his professional and academic paths have eventually converged into roles with a strong focus on branding and strategic design management.

Working with major brands that range from Beautycare to Food&Bev, Bruno believes in the essential value of anthropology and human-centric innovation to develop stronger design cultures and build long-lasting brands. During the 4 years he has been at Nestlé, he has challenged iconic global brands to reinvent themselves, while also pushing Nestlé to empower and enable start-up-like initiatives, achieving positive business results through design-led innovations.

Representative Works:


Source: Bruno Singulani -


Jen Newell

Head of Realisation, Pearlfisher.

Jen Newell is an experienced Head of Realisation, a design industry professional with over 25 years experience bridging packaging, digital and advertising.

"I love to problem solve and I am a devil for the detail – it’s the little details that can make the biggest difference to how a project comes to life and the impact it brings. "

Skilled in Production, Artwork and Technical Realisation with a focus on materials and sustainability.

Representative Works :

Toniq Style Shot No1

Source: Pearlfisher.

What kind of challenge did you meet during the process of design realisation? Do you have any questions that you hope our juries can help answer? Please comment at the end of the article.

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