Zong Xuexing
Director of R&D on Dairy Products
Mengniu Dairy

Mr xuexing Zong, Han nationality, Senior Engineer of dairy,born on August 1975 in Linfen city, Shanxi Province, master's degree, major in research and development of dairy products such as cheese, milk fat, and dairy snakes, has 18 years of professional working age and strong theoretical system construction capacity and rich practical experience. Also professional talents of "321 talents" in Inner Mongolia, and as a expert in dairy of Hohhot technology bureau in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

Education and Resume

Study at Agricultural University of Shanxi major in agricultural products storage and processing from Sep.1996 to Jul.1999.

As technology manager of JIANFU, JINXI, SANNONG, and BAIFENG dairy plant from Aug. 1999 to Aug. 2003.

Study postgraduate courses at food science and engineering college of Shanxi agricultural university from Sep.2003 to Jul.2006.

Served as head of cheese and milk-fat products R&D department of Inner Mongolia MENGNIU dairy (group) co., LTD from Jul. 2006 .

Work abstract during Mengniu dairy

1st Construction project

Preside over for the bidding, design, construction, equipment debugging and installation of laboratory, the pilot, and the basic laboratory of mengniu dairy R&D center from Sep. 2006 to Aug. 2007. To participated the project design and preparation of mengniu natural cheese plant from Dec. 2007 to May 2008,.

2nd Product R&D project

Response for all products development, maintenance and related research work.

3rd Research and achievements

Five scientific achievements have been identified as “domestic leading level” by science and technology bureau of Hohhot.

Presided over two sub-projects of the "11th five-year plan" national science and technology support program in 2010, "Research and Demonstration of key technology of natural cheese " and " Research and Demonstration of key technology of  processed cheese ". Presided over “Technology integration and industrialization of Pizza Mozzarella cheese” program of science and technology of Hohhot in 2014. Presided over “Research and development of Pasta Filata cheese” program of science and technology of Helingeer in 2017.

Received “Excellent Patent Achievement Transformation Award”in 2011. Received “Second prize of Beijing science and technology progress Award” in 2012. Received “Excellent new Products Award” and “Science and Technology Progress Award” of Dairy Industry Association in 2016. Received “Third prize of Hohhot science and technology progress Award” in 2017.

39 invention patents complete of which 14 authorized.

Published 19 professional papers in Chinese core journals.