Special Events


1. Introduction

In previous editions of the FBIF iFood Show, the special events curated by the organisers have been the focus of much attention and anticipation, and have always been at the core of the exhibition!

The seven specially curated event areas of FBIF iFood Show 2022, in addition to the existing Foodtalks, Tea Break Market, MA Gallery and Wow Food Collection, also opened a Wine & Spirits Pavilion, Hello, Super Foods! and FBiFers Can Swing!

And the seven special events will be comprehensively upgraded in this year:

  • Area upgrades - 2-3 times that of last year
  • Present upgrades - Unique thematic exhibition styles
  • Content Upgrades - Deepening the Themes of trend and topics

To provide a better content and viewing experience, and to convey a more valuable industry trend to the visitors, the new FBIF iFood Show will bring more surprises to everyone!

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2. Foodtalks



 [Foodtalks] —— an offline salon event incubated by FBIF. We will invite speakers from the F&B industry to share their insights during the three-day sessions. Under the theme of New Consumption Trend and Variety Species, topics in 2022 cover health tendencies, new skills, and resolutions, localization v.s. innovation, changing lifestyle & upgrading categories, and brand strategies. Visit us here to prepare your business for what's ahead.

3. Tea Break Market

image (3)

image (4)

[Tea Break Market] —— integrates the concepts of tea break and food bazaar, meeting the needs of guests for breaking and eating during the three-day journey. Meanwhile, it is a distinct opportunity to exchange ideas, gain insights and explore potential resources by mingling with brands' owners on site.

Here presents a series of gourmet indulgences for guests to enjoy. Surprises include bakery & sweets, snacks, beverages, dairy, and instant foods. Check it out, and expect the unexpected.

4. MA Gallery

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image (6)

[MA Gallery] —— the ace theme gallery of Marking Awards, is dedicated to discovering and presenting this year's unique food and beverage branding and packaging design projects. The MA Gallery will not only showcase the nominated works of MA 2022 but also serve as a communication platform for food packaging design innovation. This year, MA Gallery has been upgraded with a new exhibition area for sustainable packaging. At the same time, designer residence time will be opened. You will have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with professionals from design agencies!

5. Wow Collection



[Wow Food Collection] —— the place to see new products! We have brought together 500+ outstanding new products from around the world to Wow Food Collection. It's not enough just to see, through five content themes: Healthy Living, Yummy First, Functionalism, Food Innovation, and Food Trends, this year the site will be introduced and tasted by theme every day in time slots, so that you can enjoy the food with insight and stay at the forefront of the industry!

6. Wine & Spirits

image (7)

image (8)

[Wine & Spirits Pavilion] —— Wine, as a classic with a long and endless history, has a strong guiding role in the artistic value of flavor packaging, consumption scenes, and lifestyles corresponding to multiple categories. This year's Wine & Spirits Pavilion will showcase innovative wine products, immersively display the exquisite packaging of wine products, and will also provide tasting opportunities to experience the flavor of wine in depth. While feeling the trend of wine products, you can enjoy the beauty and joy of wine culture.

7. FBiFers Can Swing

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「FBiFers can Swing」is coming! FBIFers will invite musicians and Swing Dancers to shine and interact with us! During the FBIF iFood Show, you can get better cooperation via rambling in a more relaxing way! View and chill, let's go swinging!