Maggie Yang

Maggie Yang, CEO of the Bio-Everyday, was once the director of Mengniu GYR and Lepur Yogurt, focusing on the FMCG side of probiotics for many years. Functional yogurt, as the largest field of probiotic, Maggie once defined super-premium products and was also delivered super products which the sales performance exceeds 1 billion Yuan. She has deep insight into the drivers and try barriers of the consumer, and is committed to creating a happier probiotic brand for the Chinese.

Event Introduction
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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[Panel Discussion] Exploring Trends in the Benefits of Probiotics

With the gradual expansion of the probiotic industry, there are more and more benefits being gradually explored. Stress management, immune health, metabolic health... What kind of effects are most suitable for the Chinese market? What kind of strains can do more?

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