Yue Shen
Dairy Talks
Brand Manager of AMBROSIAL
Liquid Milk Division of Yili Group

Yue Shen, the youngest brand manager of AMBROSIAL. She is the person in charge of the product optimization of 13 basic SKUs of AMBROSIAL, and of the communication of product to consumers, managing 20 billion basic market. Meanwhile, she keeps delving into consumers demand which she based on to drive product innovation and application.

In the process of communicating with consumers, Yue Shen used 5G protein yoghurt packaging to create 3 new packages with the image of fruit, which gained praise from both consumers and internal support. This series of products have been mass-produced and launched within 3 months, breaking through the huge system of large enterprises and product feasibility limits and achieving the rapid launch of new series products, thus realizing the technology debut of layered yogurt industry.

Yue Shen, 26, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a master's degree in Communication in November 2019.


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Dairy Talks
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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[Panel Discussion] Gen Z: Product Professionals and Their Product Values

FBIF is throwing a party! Gen Z may possess the mysterious power that could shake up the whole industry. Growing up in a high-GDP, low-birth-rate environment, people born after 1995 enjoy far richer disposable resource as their birth right and have discerning judgement ahead of their age. As this young generation brings new capabilities to the market, they make it look "prehistoric" too. A group of Gen Z product professionals and their products are brought together to help us get insights into how they think about products.

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