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Xiaoyu Zhong, graduated from Sichuan University with a degree in Applied Chemistry, was once engaged in the field of air pollution control. He also served as the head of pre-sales technology strategy development at Denmark FLOWVISION (China) Co., LTD. In 2013, he enrolled in the MBA program in the National Development School of Peking University. In 2016, he dropped out from Peking University, sold his house, and went to Yunnan province to establish the brand of Yungeng Wuzuo.

Xiaoyu Zhong actively collaborated with local sugarcane growers in Yunnan, effectively increased the sugarcane farmers' income and promoted the development of the rural revitalization industry. He was also awarded the vice-chairman of Yunnan Rural Revitalization Association. In 2020, Xiaoyu Zhong led his brand Yungeng Wuzuo to win the first place in brown sugar and ginger tea category on Tmall.

In 2022, Xiaoyu Zhong innovatively developed the low GI (low glycemic index) series products, pushing the whole brown sugar industry to a healthier, and more high-end development. He created the 'drink safely, drink daily' brown sugar and ginger tea for the majority of mainstream women who care about their physiques.

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[Panel Discussion] How to Develop the Next Popular Product After the First 'Hit'?

Being sensitive to the little happiness in daily life that may trigger micro-innovations, and dare to imagine when setting long-term goals; how can startups define their "category-relating zones" to develop an appropriate product matrix? How to consolidate and better utilize the advantage of your best seller? 

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