Simon Wang
Probiotics Lead - Active Living
Fonterra Group

Msc. in Food Science, University of Nottingham. As a member of Active Living of Fonterra group, he is mainly responsible for the business expansion of Fonterra's probiotics business in China. Before joining Fonterra group, Mr. Wang served as a senior consultant of the world's leading scientific and regulatory consultancy, assisting a large number of multi-national companies to obtain product pre-market registration. He then served as business head of American probiotics company in China. With ten years of experience in technology, regulations and buiness development, as well as unique insights into the probiotic industry, Mr. Wang has been invited to be the guest speaker for several food industry conferences, seminars and forums.

Event Introduction
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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[Panel Discussion] Exploring Trends in the Benefits of Probiotics

With the gradual expansion of the probiotic industry, there are more and more benefits being gradually explored. Stress management, immune health, metabolic health... What kind of effects are most suitable for the Chinese market? What kind of strains can do more?

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