Amy Yang
Snack & Baking
Research Director & Sector Growth Officer of Chain Restaurants
Ipsos in China

Amy has more than 10 years of experience in market research and catering service, with a global perspective and local market insight, good at market trend analysis, business opportunity analysis and consumer research.

Worked for an American catering ingredients company, providing innovation product for western catering customers based on insights into Chinese consumers' dining tastes.

She provide consulting services for a number of the world's leading catering and catering food ingredients enterprises. Based on consumer insight and years of industry experience, she help enterprises accurately grasp the direction of product innovation, create product concepts with great market potential, promote product innovation, and help enterprises and brands to win the market development opportunities.

Event Introduction
Snack & Baking
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Make Snack Delicious And Fun
Chinese Favors
[Diagnosis of Hot-sellers] Why Do Those Regional Foods Fail to Become Luosifen?

One simply loses count of great foods in China. Regional specialties become new stars one after another. We'd like to make a collection of snacks reflecting regional charm and invite experts to score. Which one of them has the potential to become the next luosifen that is loved across regions? Is anything missing?

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