Jun Wang
Drink Talks
Founder & Board Chairman
Jujiang Group
  • Founder and Chairman of Jujiang Group;
  • General Manager of Fuliang Nuochu Tea Co., LTD.
  • General Manager of Shanghai NuoYin Industrial Co., LTD.
  • Executive Vice President of Yangtze River Delta Coffee Association;
  • Guest tutor of Jiangxi Agricultural University;
  • Vice President of Jingdezhen (Shanghai) Chamber of Commerce;
  • CEO, Shanghai Evaluation Center of Yunnan Coffee Exchange;
  • Senior researcher of supply chain system in coffee and tea industry;
  • Founder of the New Chinese tea brand "1915";
  • Founder of "Water Amber" commercial tea brand, specializing in the development research and practice of Chinese tea;
  • General Manager of Zunyi Jujiang Food Import and Export Company;

Founded in 2001, Jujiang is a large diversified industrial group, which is dominated by food and integrates production, supply chain, information technology, sales and investment of commercial products.

Jujiang deeply cultivates the coffee track and creates the whole coffee industry chain with ingenuity, producing coffee roasting and acting as the agent of German fruit flower tea and other foods, adhering to the consistent taste and quality. The company started from scratch with the first Italian imported coffee roasting production line. After deep cultivation and cultivation, it gradually derived the national coffee super business symbol - "Jujiang Coffee".

Over 20 years of rapid development, the group has gathered coffee beans distribution, roasted coffee and surrounding, tea raw material processing, tea deep processing surrounding, OEM, ODM and French UNIC automatic coffee machine project big business group. Now it has many product brands such as "Jujiang", "Bourbon", "Manchester City", "Water Amber", and "1915". In the future, we will try our best to improve the standardized processing industry chain of coffee, tea and solid drinks, and achieve the core competitiveness of "the last mile".

Event Introduction
Drink Talks
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
[Panel Discussion] Plant a Cup of Coffee in Yunnan

How long does it take to 'plant' a cup of coffee? It took Yunnan a hundred years. What stage has Yunnan coffee reached today? How can coffee estates, baristas and brands work together to promote the development of China coffee?

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