Bar Constellation

As a leader in the bartending industry in China, Kin san has been working at the bar and spreading the art of bartending since he started his career in 1991 and is highly respected in the industry.

Kin san with his name is well known in China and APAC as the first bartender master dedicate to classic cocktails 30 years ago. He set up the first classic cocktail bar in Shanghai China, and it’s now become a bar group–Constellation Bar has more than 10 bars nationwide.

Kin focuses on coaching the new bartenders for the foundation spirit of bartending, taking up the role of the professional jury, as a speaker for master classes and 4 years ago Kin worked with Modern Bartender online course platform to produce the first classic online course program, with 132 recipes.

•The first classic cocktail bar founder

•30 years of experience in the industry

•The keeper of The Quaich

•Order of the Writ

•Japan bartender association and international bartender association member

•CMBC (China Master Bartender Competition) consultant and chief Jury

•Founder Award of Drink Magazine of 2016

•Entrepreneurship Award of Drink Magazine of 2018

•Writer of KIN, I am a bartender.

Event Introduction
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Trendy Low-alcohol Drinks
[Special Interaction] Flavor Catcher: Master the Premium Layering of Flavors

There are flavored spirits that leave a mark on your memory. Where does the good inspiration come from? Which flavors are more premium? How to build a better layering? Are there any ways to sustainably pin-point flavors that would be loved by consumers?

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