Bohan Zheng
Founder & CEO
Little Joy

Mr. Bohan Zheng has a strong channel integration ability, and he is good at selling products with interconnected thinking. The companies and teams Mr. Bohan Zheng has led before are all created impressive revenue. He served as YOOZ e-cigarette partner, e-liquid product director and the head of channel sales in Asia. He set up a scientific product promotion process for YOOZ, and export popular products in industries such as ice wine and lychee flavor. While Mr. Zheng was the vice president and CEO of Beijing Higgs Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Yooz), he made the company become a content provider for JD. After the investment, the valuation quickly exceeded 100 million.

Little Joy, led by Mr. Zheng, has a clear sense of direction and mission as a start-up brand. It focuses on offline drinking scenes, deeply cultivates various offline channels, and has an amazing growth rate on channel sales. It is recognized by dealers and offline partners. From aggressive looking for partners to be requested the cooperation, in just a few months, the Little Joy team ushered in the rapid progress of national channels. The stability and high quality of the supply chain technology not only brought Little Joy high repurchase at the C-end and wide recognition of the B-end, but also brought product barriers. Little Joy will continue to work with partners to create a win-win situation in the spirit of delivering a young and joyful life attitude. The great smooth fruit wine you should never miss.

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