Bin Feng
Start Ups
CEO, Phoenix Food
Founder, Yellow Swan

Bin Feng, Founder of Yellow Swan, CEO of Phoenix Food Group Co., LTD.

Feng had been deeply engaged in the laying hens industry for more than 20 years, who took the lead in proposing the industrial upgrading model of 'branding + standardization + large-scale' of primary agricultural products. Good at applying positioning theory in egg industry to discover and open up new category opportunities, Feng has continuously founded country's leading egg brands from 0 to 1 based on the overall matching of products, brand, channels, technology and the whole industry chain.

The "Yellow Swan" has created a new category of raw eggs can be eaten. In less than four years, "Yellow Swan" has become a leading brand in this category, and made it the top seller of high-end eggs.

Feng, who graduated from CEIBS, has won the "National Laying Hens Industry Person of the Year", and "IEC World Egg Organization Special Contribution Award".

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Start Ups
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Start Up, Stand Out
Insights into 1%
A New Startpoint for Category: Grasp Real Opportunities in the Heated Market

The fervor in the new consumer market has spawned several promising categories with potentials to become a hundred billion market. How to distinguish between trends and fads, identify the real demand and realize the real market potential? How to really create new things instead of innovate only because you want to innovate? The emergence of ‘new species’ is bound to be accompanied by controversies and questions. How to define the category to help educate the market?

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