Neil Lyu
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of BLUE DASH, he has years of experience in management consulting, venture capital, and serial entrepreneurship. He worked in McKinsey, BCG and other consulting companies successively. In 2014, he joined Gobi Venture Capital as the investment director. During his stay in Gobi, he participated in more than ten Internet early-stage investment, due diligence and project management.

Later, he joined The unicorn startup Company Xiaoshi Technology as the vice president and founded the early-stage venture capital fund Hanshi Capital. After the epidemic in 2020, with the development of the overall economy and the impact of the epidemic, the overall offline consumer market in China presents opportunities for transformation, and the transformation of offline channels brings opportunities for new brands.

Compared with traditional consumer goods, alcoholic drinks have obvious offline and social attributes. The generational transformation of consumer groups and the transformation of offline channels bring new opportunities to the beverage industry. BLUE DASH is positioned as an atmosphere booster and focuses on the offline social scene of young people. Through the social scene of young people's nightlife, BLUE DASH is committed to creating its own trendy alcohol for Young People in China.

Event Introduction
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Trendy Low-alcohol Drinks
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