Yunlong Guo
Channel & Supply Chain
Yili Group

Mr. Guo is the Vice President of Yili Group. He has witnessed the rapid development of Yili Group since 1995.

In 2021, Yili achieved good results with the revenue over 100 billion yuan. Yili Group won the top five of global dairy industry for two consecutive years and maintained the undisputable position of No. 1 in Asia.

With rich management experience in the food industry chain, Mr. Guo led the team to explore and try New Retail marketing modes with retailers on the new retail map of "online enabling offline, offline integrating online". By the continuous optimization of channel strategies based on consumers’ demands, Mr. Guo leads Yili’s KA department in achieving an all-win situation among consumers, retailers and Yili Group.

Mr. Guo also makes remarkable achievements in researching retail trends, the improvement of Retailer-supplier relationships and the management of category, supply chain and other fields.

Event Introduction
Channel & Supply Chain
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Grab "The Next" Channel
[Panel Discussion] How Should Suppliers and Retailers Jointly Enhance Online and Offline Competence as Consumption Patterns Continuously Evolve?

Amid continuous changes in consumption patterns, it is a shared task for retailers and suppliers to boost online efficiency, draw consumers to shop offline and integrate online and offline experience seamlessly.

To cope with the ever-changing market environment requires not only constant self-enhancement but also reliable partners. How can suppliers and retailers be moats to each other by driving collaboration closer and deeper?

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