Lu Fu
COFCO Corporation

Lu Fu is the CMO of Great Wall wine in COFCO, who has 14+ years’ branding experience in famous FMCG companies, served in Jiangxiaobai, P&G and Mars with both traditional methodological foundation and new practical experience. She is experienced in incubating new brands and building explosive products from 0 to 1, and operating a complete product chain from channels to online e-commerce.

As a cross-border FMCG to traditional wine, she has different market insights which can inspire a better understanding of the wine industry. And she is also good at culture marketing, especially with a unique view on content marketing.

She graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a master's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Event Introduction
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Category Refreshment
Brew A Chinese Shade of Red in Wines

Wine made in China is no worse than that imported, but the lack of cost efficiency and brand value has prevented them from properly building a reputation. Wine-producing regions in Xinjiang and Gansu have done well in recent years, and spirits giants are making bigger bets on domestic wineries. We could not help thinking again if the time has come for domestic wines?

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