Hui Liu
Plenary Session
JD Research Institute for Consumption and Industrial Development

Mr. Hui Liu is the director of the Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute of JD.com. The Institute focuses on analyzing China’s consumption market, generating insights on industrial development trends and producing reports and research products in collaboration with research institutes and media organizations.  Mr. Liu is also leading his team in participating major research topics organized by governments and academic institutions.

Event Introduction
Plenary Session
 · 12/19 (Day 1)
[Embrace the Silver] What the Less Crowded "Silver Hair" Market Has to Offer

We must have talked over 100 times about how to be appealing to younger consumers, and today is time to give some serious thoughts on aging. People aged 65 or above account for 13.5% Chinese population in 2020, approaching where Japan was in 1993. With declining newborns, China is perhaps coming into a moderately aged society sooner than expected. Why not shift our sight to the opportunities contained in the "silver hair" market instead of fighting a hard battle in the unproductively competitive young consumer market. The young generation will grow old one day anyway : )

· Is the "silver hair" market not sexy enough?

· What are the opportunities for innovation?

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