Michael Song
Start Ups
Head of Supply Chain Dept.
Shouwang Supply Chain Management & New Hope Group Beijing Regional Platform

Michael, graduated from RUC in 2018, majoring in Enterprise Management, with the research direction of Supply Chain Finance, and obtained a master's degree. Since 2018, Michael started serving at New Hope Group Co., Ltd. as investment manager of New Hope Liuhe's strategic investment department, assistant to the chairman of New Hope Liuhe, sales director of New Hope Food KA department of East China periodically.

Constantly focusing on R&D of the field does make a difference, consequently our company’s Korean fried chicken product was selected as the "Top Ten Cutting-edge Pre-made Products in 2022" by the China Food and Beverage Association.

We always believe that creating best products for consumers is a way to make our company more valuable.

Event Introduction
Start Ups
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Start Up, Stand Out
New Exploration
[Panel Discussion] The New Brands of 3R Food, How to Make Consumers Easily Become Cooking Master?

Far more than meeting the needs of busy white-collars and kitchen novices to eat well and cook more easily, 3R food has also become a good helper in three meals for consumers who are quarantined in home because of the lasting epidemic. It is expected that C-end 3R food will become more homely and of high quality in the future.

- In the product development, how to achieve differentiation and develop popular products?

- In the supply chain, how to continuously improve the quality and richness of product?

- In the channel, how to layout to improve the convenience of purchase and repurchase?

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