Deamon Wei
Channel & Supply Chain
Supply Chain Chief Consultant

Mr. Deamon Wei has nearly 20 years of supply chain experience related to manufacture, FMCG, retail and business services. Responsible for top-level strategic design, supply chain planning, supplier management, sourcing & procurement, production & quality management, logistics, warehousing, supply chain finance.

Event Introduction
Channel & Supply Chain
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Grab "The Next" Channel
An Effortless Supply Chain for Big Sales

Changes in the flow of commercial value brought by various marketing tactics have raised the bar for logistics responsiveness, e.g., conventional e-commerce sales and live-streaming sales for the public traffic and brand sales events and social media marketing for the private traffic. Capabilities like accurate demand forecasting and efficient logistics scheduling will help businesses stay composed in all hustle and bustle.

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