Richard Hu
Start Ups
Vice President
Li Xiang Guo

Richard Hu, the Vice President of Li Xiang Guo, has been expertizing in brand-marketing for more than 20 years.

From the inception of the brand, we are dedicating to deliver 'idealistic' meals for consumers by persisting in using natural, healthy, high-quality ingredients. Such as dumplings, wontons & quick-frozen pastry, Li Xiang Guo has gained the basis recognition by consumers from the beginning.

Between year 2021 to 2022, Li Xiang Guo has been constantly launching different kinds of products such as 'Crispy Fried Slice Pork Belly ' 'Scallion Pancake' & 'CNY Poon Choi Gift Set ', which wins a lot of favor. Besides, the Scallion Pancake has been made into a ten-million SKU in about 7 months.

Event Introduction
Start Ups
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Start Up, Stand Out
New Exploration
[Panel Discussion] The New Brands of 3R Food, How to Make Consumers Easily Become Cooking Master?

Far more than meeting the needs of busy white-collars and kitchen novices to eat well and cook more easily, 3R food has also become a good helper in three meals for consumers who are quarantined in home because of the lasting epidemic. It is expected that C-end 3R food will become more homely and of high quality in the future.

- In the product development, how to achieve differentiation and develop popular products?

- In the supply chain, how to continuously improve the quality and richness of product?

- In the channel, how to layout to improve the convenience of purchase and repurchase?

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