Wei Tang
Start Ups
Founder & CEO

Bachelor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Master of Columbia University. He has WSET Advanced Certificate, Chevalier of the Order of Bordeaux in France in 2013, and National Liquor Taster Certificate and is a Diploma Certificate Candidate and Member of the SMWS.

He was rewarded as China Finance Summit Business Revolutionist of the Year 2019, New Economy Innovation Person of the Year 2020 by People’s Daily, One of

Forbes 100 China New Economy People, Asian Innovative Young Entrepreneurs Top100, China Wine Industry 10 Years Innovation Person Award and interviewed by CCTV ‘Entrepreneurship’ column and Xinhua Net ‘Science and Technology Innovation’column.

KAISHAN was established in 2018 by Mr. Wei Tang, as the vanguard of the Chinese spirit brand, KAISHAN has successfully created the 13th Baijiu aroma standard, which is named“Pure-Aroma”. This aroma standard was recognized by the China National Food Industry Association, thus KAISHAN has officially become the inaugurator of the industrial standard (T/CNFIA143-2022).

KAISHAN interprets the traditional culture of Baijiu by modern lifestyle and transmits the charm of Baijiu by contemporary esthetics. After financing from top-tier investors, KAISHAN became a leading enterprise in the field of new-style Baijiu field.

Event Introduction
Start Ups
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Start Up, Stand Out
Branding & Growth
Building A Brand Takes More Than Planting A Desire of Possession

When the one-time popular joke, which goes "5000 entries on The Little Red Book + 2000 entries on Zhihu + top livestreamers = prototype of a new brand", cools down, it signals that it is time to think calmly about how to build a brand.

For new brands to stand out, touching the bottom of people's hearts is more important than just taking over their attention for a while. Building a brand is like growing a tree. The roots must take hold before branches become strong and leaves green.

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