Xinmei Guo
Marketing and Operations Director

Xinmei Guo received her PhD in bioengineering and microbiology from INRAE, one of the world's leading research institutes in the food field. Qualified as a public nutritionist in China; Served as an off-campus tutor for postgraduate students in the Food School of Jiangnan University, a first-class university in the food industry. She is the head of R&D and Supply Assurance for Ausnutria Health Sciences and the Director of Marketing and Operations for Bioflag.

Event Introduction
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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[Panel Discussion] Exploring Trends in the Benefits of Probiotics

With the gradual expansion of the probiotic industry, there are more and more benefits being gradually explored. Stress management, immune health, metabolic health... What kind of effects are most suitable for the Chinese market? What kind of strains can do more?

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