Elsa Jiang
Channel & Supply Chain
Director of the Company and GM of the Internet Business Division

Graduated from Zhejiang University, Elsa once worked as an entrepreneur in the Internet industry, and now serves as the director of the company and general manager of Xiangpiaopiao Internet Business Division. She firmly believes that delicious foods are important for daily life. She hopes to bring happiness and satisfaction to users by producing milk tea.

As the "pioneer of milk tea in cup", Xiangpiaopiao produces milk tea at hand for users, so that users can easily drink a cup of delicious milk tea with assured quality at home. It has been loved by consumers for many years, and the cup can circle the earth 43 times.

After years of efforts, Xiangpiaopiao upgraded technology and launched MECO fruit tea. Meco continues to provide users with convenient access to delicious, pleasant and quality-assured fruit tea.

Event Introduction
Channel & Supply Chain
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
Grab "The Next" Channel
[Panel Discussion] How Should Suppliers and Retailers Jointly Enhance Online and Offline Competence as Consumption Patterns Continuously Evolve?

Amid continuous changes in consumption patterns, it is a shared task for retailers and suppliers to boost online efficiency, draw consumers to shop offline and integrate online and offline experience seamlessly.

To cope with the ever-changing market environment requires not only constant self-enhancement but also reliable partners. How can suppliers and retailers be moats to each other by driving collaboration closer and deeper?

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