Steven Huang
Drink Talks
Assistant General Manager

Steven Huang, is currently the Assistant General Manager. He studied at the University of Edinburgh in the UK and Bocconi Business School in Italy. During his study abroad, he has been taking part in the production and management of the company in his spare time and holidays. He started from the basic level of production management and accumulated experience from workshop, laboratory. After he got familiar with all the products categories of the company, he put himself into market research.

With his keen business sense, he founded a sub-brand “A Fresh Breath” and led the team to develop the first ready-to-drink beverage of Chunguang Foodstuff which is called “A Fresh Breath zero sugar coconut drink”. Meantime, he planned the activity of Chunguang X Douyin (domestic TikTok). He achieved the synergy of product and sale, made this new product became an instant hit through innovative interaction and integration of multiple marketing methods.

Steven pioneered the innovation of the product to give people a fresh feeling from product to packaging, at the same time, this product has changed consumer’s impression of Chunguang which is only a specialty brand for more than 20 years. After continuous optimization and innovation, “A Fresh Breath coconut drink” has become the top product of vegetable protein drinks on the e-commerce platform in 2022.


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