Andy Wang
Dairy Talks
General Manager

Mr. Andy Wang has been engaged in the coffee industry for 10 years. Before joining Biru company, he has been employed in the chain of major well-known coffee brands in China. In the early days, he worked in Sculpting In Time Café, and later served as deputy general manager of Beijing during Mellower Coffee. In the process of developing the Beijing market, he participated in the whole process from store location to specific operation and management. Therefore, he has accumulated a large number of market resources of boutique coffee shop and formed a comprehensive personal opinion on the development of domestic boutique coffee shop market.

After joining Biru, Mr. Wang led to promote the company's star product-Biru Milbock across the country. He helped the company to make Milbock purified milk a popular star product in the coffee industry. By the end of 2021, more than 10000 boutique coffee shops across the country have taken Milbock as a regular product produced by their stores.

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Dairy Talks
 · 12/21 (Day 3)
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[Case Sharing] ToC or ToB? It's a Business Choice

Milbock purified milk is a special product from Biru, which has an obvious chievement as a very representative product in catering industry. However, Biru launched its first product in early 2016, called Beyogurt, which was a sugar free yogurt (200g) that not everybody knows. That is mainly sold through ToC distribution. From Beyogurt to Milbock, and from ToC to ToB marketing, Biru has been considering in depth that how their products could match sales channels appropriately while adapting business growth. 

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