Yitong Liu
Condiment & 3R Food
Head of TS, Consumer Biosolutions China
Novozymes China

Yitong Liu currently is the Head of Technical Service, Consumer Biosolutions China, Novozymes. She is specialized in enzyme development and application in food and beverage, home care and other consumer-oriented industry. Yitong Liu holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Tsinghua University. With strong expertise, she has greatly driven enzyme innovations in the food and beverage industry and is committed to bringing nutrition, health and flavor enhancement solutions to Chinese consumers.

Event Introduction
Condiment & 3R Food
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
New Taste That Spice Up New Lives
Battle of Taste
The Quest for Umami—Anything Else Is Fun About It?

Umami, the sensory experience that uniquely and significantly characterizes Chinese gastronomy. We expect this taste to be satisfyingly tasty and assuringly healthy. Where is the balance to strike among taste, healthiness, and naturalness for seasoning producers to win the hearts of consumers? Amid the spectrum of umami tastes in the profound culinary culture of China, what is the umami solution that can offer wide applicability to different cuisines? Last but not the least, where is the next innovation for umami taste?

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