Louis Liu
Founder of Super Supply Chain of Craft Beer
Founder of Beer Link

Mr. Louis Liu, Chairman of Beer Link and Deputy Secretary-General of the Craft Beer Equipment and Technology Committee of China Light Industry Machinery Association.

He has been deeply involved in the beer industry for more than 30 years, helping to promote the technological progress of China's craft beer industry, forming a technical team with craft beer technology R&D, consulting and service as the core, and building a craft beer super supply chain. From the perspective of market demand, Beer Link considers brand product development and commercialization adjustment, product matrix construction and quality control, factory upgrade and management and other systematic services to meet the personalized product needs of users with different tastes in different scenarios, and have now served famous brands such as Helens, Freshippo, Zinnbach and URBREW.

Event Introduction
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Keep Alcohol Engaging
Beers Innovation
[Panel Discussion] Personalization vs. Standardization: Move on Together

Personalized craft beers are emerging, but standardized production is an important guarantee of quality. How can creativity be nurtured in standardization? How can beer industry move on together with personalization and standardization?

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