Eden Wang
Drink Talks

Graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of Lanzhou University, she served as the deputy general manager of ENLIGHT Media. In 2017, with the original intention of inheriting the revival of oriental ancient taste, it was the most gratifying, and successively opened more than 10 offline stores in Beijing. In the past two years, the most popular apricot peel tea with sweet and sour taste and simple ingredients has been widely loved, so it has been created into a pre-packaged drink and officially launched into the field of Beverage FMCG field In 2019. 

Event Introduction
Drink Talks
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
Wow, Drink It Up!
Chinese Terroir in Beverages

On a land of 9.6 million square kilometers, the taste memories of 1.4 billion people are variety. How to capture the beautiful flavor from the local terroir? How can local flavors go out to the whole country and even the whole world?

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