Xin Jin
Snack & Baking

Xin Jin, founder and CEO of Tanbaye brand, founder of Chengdu EKY Tiktok Official Food Base, co-founder of Yelushij brand, a serial entrepreneur born in the 1990s, has created a unique social new retail model in the food industry, setting up and leading nearly 1 million individual agents to sell Tanpai products in two years; and later set up a traditional e-commerce and offline team to de-agency Tanbaye from scratch, fully realising to c and online and offline omni-channel development.

Tanbaye, vice president of Chengdu Food Association, vice president of Zigong Meat Products Association, vice president of Zigong Cold Food Rabbit Association, is deeply involved in the casual meat products industry, pioneering the industrialisation of Zigong's local cold food series, building its own R&D team and own factory, focusing on the production of short-preservation non-additive casual meat products, and excelling in industrialising the taste of local specialties meat products.

She hopes that local specialties will be preserved with little or no additives, so that Sichuan food lovers from all over the country and Sichuan people lives other places to satiate their appetite for the most authentic and healthy taste of Sichuan anytime and anywhere.

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Snack & Baking
 · 12/22 (Day 4)
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