Junfeng Shi
Partner, The Mountainsea Plants
2M9H, Post-Doc

Junfeng Shi, Bachelor of Bio-tech in Nanjing University, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Kyoto University, major in Bioinformatics and Chemical Genomics, has been committed to research on the fields of nutritional and metabolic disorder, endocrine and bone-related disease, and hard and soft tissue regeneration. Member of Professional Committee of Smart Medicine, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Post-Doc in Ninth People’s Hospital affiliated to School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Chief Scientist of Shanghai Milliontimes Tech. Ltd. Co.

Focus on the innovation and development of the ingredient field in "Functional Food" based on the pharmacological and pharmaceutical knowledge and technology. Make "Common food ingredient" possess "Uncommon scientific properties" with "Function" and "Delicacy". Enjoy food and Gain health.

Event Introduction
 · 12/20 (Day 2)
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Don't Be "Stupid Tax"! How Can Functional Foods Be More Efficient?

Functional foods have always been suspected of being an "stupid tax" in the eyes of consumers. How to do products from the perspective of evidence-based medicine? What kind of technology is needed to support the visible effects?

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