Steven Sheng
Start Ups
President of Marketing

Rich experience in FMCG industry management, familiar with domestic and foreign health food trends and consumer insights, rich experience in product development and supply chain management, with hundreds of domestic and foreign well-known brand cooperation experiences. He once served as the president of the R&D Institute in Damin,and now he is the president of Damin Marketing, mainly responsible for market expansion and ODM business. To develop Damin as a "Promoting Heathy Living".

Event Introduction
Start Ups
 · 12/23 (Day 5)
Start Up, Stand Out
Supply Chain & Channel
[Panel Discussion] Co-create Supply Chain Ecosystem - Big Energy from Small Synergy

One of the early-stage challenges of start-ups is that product innovation is often restricted by traditional supply chain or manufacturing system. The new era requires a supply chain that supports small batches, fast iteration, and higher agility.

- How do start-ups look at balance among quality, efficiency, and manufacturing capacity?

- How do start-ups look for partners, integrate resources and make a greater impact with the best combination?

- Is there any new collaborative practice between suppliers and service providers?

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