Mark Pan
General Manager
Jianke Food

Mark (Guangjun) Pan, Founder and General Manager of Jianke Food Technology. Jianke Food is a total solution company focusing on protein and fiber food ingredients.

Mark is a senior marketing management expert in the field of food ingredients and nutritional ingredients, with more than 20 years of professional technical and management experience in food ingredients and related fields, management experience in large multinational corporations and entrepreneurial and innovative teams, years of experience in the U.S. in charge of multinational cross-functional communication and cooperation, and rich experience in international business cooperation and business development work.

Prior to the establishment of Jianke Foods, Mark worked for ADM Nutritional Business Unit, a Fortune 500 company, as the head of savory business segment and protein business in Asia Pacific region, familiar with the market and customer structure in the Asia Pacific region; Mark also worked for DuPont Nutrition and Health Business Unit, and worked for many years in the United States and China, responsible for the management and commitment to the company in the large-scale multinational cooperation business, the business field is mainly for the protein Mark has a deep understanding of the Chinese and international markets, consumer habits and market insights in the areas of food, nutrition and healthcare products.