Qiming Li
Dean of Science and Technology Research Institute
New Hope Dairy

Qiming Li, PhD., senior engineer, national-level dairy products tasting division, head of Science and Technology Research Institute of New Hope Dairy Co., Ltd., director of Sichuan Dairy Engineering Technology Research Center, and director of Sichuan Key Laboratory of Dairy Nutrition and Function. He has been engaged in dairy biotechnology researches and product innovations for many years, and has undertaken and participated in the national "Eleventh Five-Year", "Twelfth Five-Year" and "Thirteenth Five-Year" Technology Pillar Program, the general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial and municipal Key Technologies R & D Program, etc., and has won awards and honors at all levels such as the province-level award of science and technology advancement. In terms of dairy innovation, he led the team to develop the 24-hour series of fresh milk which guides the industrial fresh milk’s value benchmark, the Chuxin series of yogurt based on the three-dimensional sugar-control technology, the probiotic-encapsulated gel ball Huorun yogurt, and naturally fermented sparkling yogurt, etc. Those products positively influence the technological progress and improvement of enterprises and the dairy industry.