Jason Yang
Senior Director of Asia R&D Center

Jason Yang holds the esteemed position of Senior Director at the PepsiCo Asia R&D Center. He leads the charge in food product development for PepsiCo Asia, with a primary focus on expanding the product portfolio and pioneering breakthrough innovations within the snack and nutrition categories.

By harnessing consumer-centric insights and fostering an agile innovation mindset, Jason and his team have effectively introduced numerous innovative products into the Asian market. Notable examples include Lays Tari Chips, Purple Potato Chips, and Regional Flavor Rotation Potato Chips, all developed under the innovative "East for East" approach. They have also launched High Protein Chicken Chips, leveraging breakthrough compression popping technology, and the Quaker "Five Series" multigrain line that draws inspiration from traditional Chinese culture. Additionally, in response to the growing elderly market, Jason's team achieved great success with the introduction of Quaker Multi-Vitamin Instant Oat.

With two decades dedicated to Research and Development, Jason boasts a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success in the Food & Beverage industry. Prior to joining PepsiCo, he contributed his expertise at P&G and Mars.